We provide transportation services for luggage and articles for overseas study, family visit and immigration customers, including: door-to-door inspection, formulation of cargo shipment plan, door-to-door packaging, preparation of item list, picking up the goods to the warehouse, space booking, customs declaration, cooperation with customs inspection, sea transportation or air transportation to the destination port. In addition, we have excellent agents in major ports in major countries around the world, which can provide you with all the high-quality door-to-door services you need, including agent document replacement, customs clearance, delivery and other services.

Personal belongings / international moving transportation services
  Jiangsu Jiage International Cargo Transportation Agency Co., Ltd. specializes in undertaking all kinds of international transportation and moving services of private goods. Immigrants, cross-border staff, international students, business people and diplomats are our main customer groups. We can arrange transportation services to Hong Kong, home and in place according to different needs of customers.

Consultation before shipment → receiving entrustment for door-to-door inspection → door-to-door packaging, picking up and transportation → preparing customs clearance documents → arranging shipment → customs clearance at port → delivery to new home

Please refer to the following service process
1. Consulting service
  Please contact us about 15 days in advance after the goods are ready and the time of shipment is determined. Just one phone call and any questions about the transportation of your personal belongings will be answered here. You only need to provide the approximate volume, destination port, estimated shipping time and other information of the goods to be shipped, and you can get a detailed quotation; In case of "door-to-door" transportation, the destination address shall also be provided. In order to better understand the cargo information and listen to your specific requirements for transportation, Jiage may make an appointment with you according to the actual situation. On the one hand, we will complete the inspection, recording and weighing of goods under your guidance; On the other hand, understand your itinerary, description of items and specific requirements for transportation. Make oral description of the transportation link according to your requirements and combined with the cargo situation, and put forward suggestions and plans such as packaging, picking up and space booking.

2. Entrust
  After the shipment date is determined, please make an appointment with our company to arrange workers and vehicles and bring packaging materials to the door for packaging. At the same time, make a list of articles, fill in the power of attorney and sign the customs documents.

3. Packing
  A group of experienced packaging workers will arrive at your designated packaging location on time and pack as required. Packaging workers will use appropriate packaging materials and methods according to the shape and volume of various objects to provide proper and safe packaging.

4. Business operations (customs declaration, inspection application, space booking, shipment arrangement, etc.)
  We will handle customs declaration, inspection application, sea / air port operation, arrangement of sea or air transportation, issuance of transport documents and other related work in the whole process. The operation at the port of departure generally takes 3-5 working days. If the articles need special treatment (such as fumigation of wooden articles), the operation time will increase accordingly. Please consult and handle the entrusted transportation in advance according to the specific conditions of the consigned articles.

5. Customs clearance and delivery at the port of destination
  In case of door-to-port transportation, the consignee shall take delivery of the goods when the goods arrive at the port of destination. In case of door-to-door transportation and arrival at the destination port, Jiage's local agent will contact you and assist you in document replacement, customs clearance, door-to-door delivery, as well as subsequent unpacking, positioning, removal of packaging waste and other matters.

Declaration documents required for transportation of personal belongings

Precautions for personal belongings packaging
1、 Packaging of general articles
  01.Sort out things you don't often use.
  02.Tidy one room at a time and pack it. So you don't forget what's in which box.
  03.Put heavy objects in small boxes and large objects in amplification boxes. We have three sizes of small, medium and large professional cartons to choose from.
  04.Mark the name of the article and the room number of the new house on the outside of the carton.
  05.There shall be no gap in packing. If there is a gap in the box, the items in the box will move and cause damage. If there is a gap accidentally, use the newspaper as a buffer to fix the items in the box.
  06.Be careful not to overfill. Too many boxes are easy to deform, which may cause damage to the items in the box. In addition, they may collapse due to imbalance during stacking, which is very dangerous.

2、Packing of special items
  Vase or wine bottle: first put it into the original packing box, and then put it into the box. If it is loose, please put some filler to fix it. Put the box into the carton together, which can be packed together with other items.
  Plate: a newspaper with an air cushion film or wrinkles between plates. About 2 to 3 are a group, and then packed with air cushion membrane. Put the box upright.
  Kitchen knife: make a sheath with thick paper, wrap the blade and fix it with adhesive tape. The handle of the knife is exposed, so people can know it's a kitchen knife at a glance. It's safer. Other precautions
  Please carry your valuables, such as currency, precious metals, securities, gemstones, seals and passbooks. Please do not pack them into boxes. Be sure to carry them yourself.
  Pets, such as cats, dogs, fish and living animals, please bring them by yourself.

3、Other precautions
  01.Label all the boxes. Fragile articles shall be marked with "easily damaged articles"
  02.Load the heavy objects separately so that each box will not be too heavy, such as books.
  03.Packing clothes with plastic cloth or plastic bag can prevent dust and moisture.
  04.Put the glassware into a special box. Put the plates upright, not flat. Use glass tape or foam packaging material to wrap mirrors, glass frames or artwork.

4、Moving vehicles and aging
  Choose a box car to avoid getting wet in rain and snow. A move usually takes 2-4 hours. If the distance is long, there is traffic jam, or there are many items to be handled, the time may be longer.

China entry and exit restricted goods

1、 Restricted entry articles 2、 Restricted articles
  1、 Radio transceiver, communication security machine; 1、 Gold, silver and other precious metals and their products
  2、 Tobacco and wine; 2、 national currency;
  3、 Endangered and precious animals and plants (including specimens), 3、 Foreign currencies and securities
as well as their seeds and reproductive materials;      4、 Radio transceiver, communication security machine
  4、 National currency;                                   5、 Precious Chinese medicinal materials       
  5、 Other articles restricted by the customs                        6、general cultural relics          
                                                 7、 Other articles restricted by the customs from leaving the country